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Paul Cairnie - Founder & CEO 
Gulf Franchise Group

Paul Cairnie

Founder & CEO Gulf Franchise Group

I first met Farshad in 2012 to launch the German Doner Kebab (GDK) GCC franchise program. 10 years later, GDK has become a resounding international success, with over 100 branches in the UK and ongoing international development, including the US and Canada. Farshad is an outstanding business innovator and leader in the QSR foodservice sector.

Jorge Cueto - Founder von Prison Art

Jorge Cueto

Founder of Prison Art

Farshad Abbaszadeh is a great partner. It has been almost two years since he became part of the shareholder group of “PRISON ART”, and I can only say that it was a great experience.

He has always motivated the team, shared his knowledge and helped us reach new levels. I believe that he is the best partner I have ever had and that his technical skills are only surpassed by his human qualities and ethics.

Farshad’s ability to move with a crisis and find new ways to achieve results has always been an inspiration. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to learn from Farshad.

Farshad is a good person. He is not only a great partner, but also an expert in financial and capitalization structures, helping us grow exponentially and in an orderly manner.

He is creative, practical and organized. Farshad is the man you turn to when you need help, and he always has an open ear to discuss ideas and suggestions .

PRISON ART is a social enterprise, and Farshad has helped us grow our business model while showing us his great commitment to the social goals that are our priority.